Tuesday, December 3, 2013

T stands for teapots

Today I am linking to T for tuesday.  At Elizabeth's blog.
My T for tuesday is a collage of teapots  I completed whilst doing a course.  So of course I can't tell you what I did.

This is the opening page of this sketchbook.  Hopefully, I'll remember to put other pages up each tuesday.

Happy creating!


  1. Thanks for joining our small group for T today. It's fun to continue a friendship that began during AEDM.

    Oh Vicki, these are truly stunning. You have a real flare for these tea pots. What I like is they are all so beautiful AND different. I look forward to anything you add to your sketchbook.

  2. I'm visiting from Elizabeth's T Tuesday. I love the tea pots--each one is different and very special. Can't wait to see more pages. Happy T Day!

  3. Love all those teapots! gonna be a cute book, for sure
    Happy T to you!

  4. Darling teapots. Look forward to seeing more pages.

  5. Cute page, and great way to begin a journal! happy T day!

  6. Hi Vicki, what a wonderful opening page. Is the shelf a collage piece or did you paint it? Love all the tea pots.
    Happy T-day

  7. Lovely tea pots and a grand beginning of your journal...
    Happy December T Day

  8. Hello Vicki, you will love doing T time with us, everyone is so sweet and creative and you learn lots about teas/coffee's.

    WOW, this is so pretty, love the colors and designs of them. I can't wait to see what else you put in the book, hope you share next Tuesday!
    Happy T Day!

  9. love the tea pots, will there be something beginning with T on every page?

  10. Your finished page looks fantastic!
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your journal.


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