Sunday, December 8, 2013

In the beginning

Today I am starting a new sketchbook.  I have finished my last sketchbook on leaves, (if you know me, you know I love leaves) and so am starting a new one.
I though perhaps to begin at the beginning, with a simple leaf to investigate, so I just grabbed some ivy from outside the door.

I had a large leaf and a little sprig.  I originally sketched both of them, but went back into the large leaf.
I started by drawing around the veins, which were paler than the leaf.  This was quite difficult,  so on one side I went back in with a black marker and filled it all in then redrew all the veins with a white out pen.

I was quite pleased with the large leaf and thought how the veins reminded me of the structure of beams in a cathedral.  I wonder if it was things like this that inspired the builders centuries ago?

Happy creating!


  1. Oh wow. I'm just now learning your obsession for leaves, after seeing your little book you finished earlier in the week. These are gorgeous. You draw SO WELL.

  2. such talent, I too love leaves and also tree bark,


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