Monday, December 30, 2013


I was actually inspired to do a tiny little bit of patchwork!  I was watching just hands on TV, which is an english online quilting site. the video was japanese folded patchwork by Lesley Brankin (which is a subscription video, but you can see a preview of it on the site).
We have done a lot of this patchwork at our quilting group, in fact I made a lovely bag out of it a few years ago, but the difference here is that Lesley pieced the fabric for the circles first.
See how this design is a simple sort of butterfly.
However, on the back....
You get a cute little kimono shape!
I enjoyed this immensely and I might even create a quilt!  But don't expect any results very quickly.  I think this might be a project to do when I don't want to do anything in particular.

Happy creating!


  1. I've never heard of patchwork, at least not what you are showing. It's really quite mind boggling how you got two such disparate shapes from two pieces of fabric. Awesome.

  2. I just read your comment about black swans. Yes, I know they are from Australia. Because you are also a scientist, I hope you'll read the post, since I explain how the black swan was turned into a Black Swan (with caps) due to its statistical improbability.

  3. good to see you are a follower on just hands, it has taught me so much about patchwork along with Jennie Rayment who is on create and craft tv, also have all Jennie`s books and was given her DVD texture with sudoku for Christmas


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