Monday, December 16, 2013

I did it!

A few days ago, I was trying to do some digital collage and since it had been so long since I did it and I was using a new program, I had difficulties doing what I wanted.  But I persisted and I did it!

It always seems impossible until its done
This has three layers.  The background is one of my fabric collages.  The leaves are from one of the monoprints I made the other day and of course the text is the third layer and is a quote from Nelson Mandela that I thought appropriate here!


I also finished a piece I had been working on quite a while ago.  The background is a collage of lots of greens, in chiffon, satin, silk and even painted batting under tulle and is quilted with a very multi coloured thread.  The crocus are made with green and lilac satin and are raw edge applique with free motion bobbin work.  the stamens are hand embroidered and have beading at the top.  I think I have made something lovely and all it needs now is a frame.

I hope you enjoyed my adventures today.

Happy creating!


  1. I'm incredibly impressed with your digital entry. That saying by Mandela seems appropriate, too.

    Your other piece is stunning. I love how you used your sewing machine to add such interest to the piece. I can see why it took you so long to finish it. Really, really lovely work.

  2. your crocus is stunning love it and your other piece is also very eye catching

  3. WOW, those crocus are so impressive. They're just gorgeous with the stitching. Very intricate and beautiful work.

  4. Woohoo go digital! So which program did you use? I love both of your pieces. The texture and colors in the second one is just amazing.


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