Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dots and dashes

Today I was out most of the day, but this evening I  began working in an old catalogue for wallpapers whose pages I had been priming prior to using it for painting.

I painted this from a sketch I did a long time ago and didn't have a reference, but most of it came out well.  Just one area where I didn't curve my dashes and it looks a little flat.  I must say, it's amazing how your mind fills in the gaps when you look at a familiar object.  I didn't see my mistake until I was cropping my scan (always the way).

Happy creating


  1. This is lovely. I still don't see the problem, though, even after you pointed it out. That's why I make collages I guess (grin).

    You do NOT want to join WOYWW. It is AEDM on steroids. It consumes your life. But Julia and I are such good friends, I can't let her down.

    BTW, may I add your blog to my left sidebar? I never add any unless I have permission.

  2. I do like your shell, looks so real I think if you hold it to your ear you might even hear the sea


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