Friday, December 20, 2013

Felt and a few beads

I did say that I had a new piece finished/almost finished.

This piece was needlefelted a little while ago with black felt, organza and silks.  The black lines are needlefelted from the back and the beads are handmade fabric and paper beads.  I have also beaded the entire border (But it was a few millimetres too short for the scanner)  I love all the frayed edges, but not sure whether it still needs a bit of stitch.  hmmmm.  I'll just have to think on it a bit more.

Happy creating!


  1. I don't think it needs anything more, it's perfect as it is! Love how you did the border, and the handmade beads. Great composition too!

  2. I agree that it looks great the way it is. This will look really good as a wall hanging either framed or just as is.

  3. Stunning in its simplicity Vicki!

  4. good felting, was it hand felted or machine? Maybe a little extra stitching not sure as it looks great as it is but well you ill decide, leaving it hanging up for a few days helps.

  5. I like this minimalist approach!


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