Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm hot and you're not

Another stinker of a day today, 40 degrees (104F)  and we had to go into town into the bargain.  Because I didn't wear my sunglasses, I ended up with a raging headache.  I sure am looking forward to the cold change tomorrow afternoon!
Here are a few pages out of my daily journal

This one has many many layers, but started out as a waste paint page.  Of course I love feathers, so I added them.  I like how colourful it turned out.

This one is about having a bad hair day, lol.
hopefully I will get around to scanning the work I have done in the last day or so, including a finished(?) textile piece for tomorrow.

Happy creating


  1. LOVE these pages! It always amazes me how beautiful the results can be from painting the negative space.

  2. Beautiful colors and textures as usual. I admire how you are so persistent on working one something each day. I haven't been able to finish anything lately. Seems like I can either do technical or creative work. Need to work on my time management! :)

  3. more great pages you have shared with us today. Envious of your heat, would rather have it too hot than too cold any day


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