Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Collage a day 9 to 12

Here are four more fabric collages, numbers 9 to 12.  i am really enjoying making these and my mind is always racing, thinking what I can put on top of them, because they are just foundations.  Some of them suggest something to me, some don't....yet.  but I am slowly building an inspirational book of collages to work on and that is my purpose.


This one has a background of velvet.  the rough strips are ripped pieces of coloured baby wipe.  i put the skeleton leaves down and decided I wanted to add something else, so the orange leaf is a metal pendant that I got from some junk.

This one has black velvet, black linen and a strip of checked shot satin down the middle.  The leaves are cut from - again baby wipes.

The background of this one is a patchwork of baby wipes (I do have a huge collection!) and suggested a sea theme to me.  The shells were cut from a napkin fused to cheesecloth that was lying in my to do pile.  Because they were fused to cheesecloth, they are stable for stitching, but also, because the cheesecloth has an open weave, it fuses down to the background.  Bonus!
This last one is very simple, but I can see lots of embellishment on it.  It started with the lace which I dyed/painted with some spay ink.  I let it suggest the background colour. first of course was the baby wipe (top right), then the magenta linen and turquoise linen, then a piece of charcoal coarse woven fabric.

Most of these collages use recycled fabric samples that I get from a recycling depot.  I am not picky about what I collect.  some might be things like knits that art quilters wouldn't usually use, but i find they can be stabilised easily.  As you can see above, i will us almost anything to give colour and texture.

Happy creating!


  1. Oh how beautiful. Each collage is unique and I love that you have someplace to buy fabric you can dye, paint, spray, etc. I also like your use of baby wipes. They are really gorgeous. Far more so than any I could come up with.

    Sorry I'm late visiting. My internet is down and will be for a couple of days, so I'm at my neighbor Sally's working on her laptop, which is NOT fun. I'm no good with a touchpad because I need a mouse. See you in a couple of days or so.

  2. I just love the collage pieces that you are producing. What a wonderful way to generate background and at the same time inspire additional creativity. My favorite is the one that inspired a sense of the seashore.


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