Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Playing with tiles

Today is day 26 of AEDM.
I am showing where I am at with the tesselating shapes I was designing here.
I am now into the fabric cutting stage.

Lots of fabric cutting.  These fabrics are backed with fusible webbing so I can iron them down on my backing fabric at the end.
And here they are pinned on my design board to show how they are locking together.  I have a lot more to cut and play with, but the piece will be finished eventually.

Happy creating!


  1. Lovely composition with beautiful colours. Thank you for sharing and happy creating!


  2. Do I see hand dyed fabric? I love the various mottled colors. This is going to be PERFECT when you get it finished. I look forward to seeing it progress further.

  3. wondering what this is going to be hurry up we ant to see the finished piece!!


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