Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stitched Leaves

So, day three for Art every day November.  Yay!
I actually got all the stitching done on the leaf collage.
I still have to trim it up and mount it.  I think I will mount it in a large frame with a fair bit of background behind it.  I have frayed the edges on the background, which is a gold and green shot furnishing fabric ('shot' fabric has different threads in the warp and weft, so  when you fray it you get two different threads top and bottom versus left and right)
Here are some close ups of the parts.
The three leaves at the top were free motion stitched on satin over black felt then cut out and sewn on.
the two squares below are polar fleece with distressed chiffon on top attached with haematite crystals.
The three squares here are satin sewn over felt layered with poly knit squares, textured ribbon and then quartz crystals.
The folded leaf at top left (also in the pic above, but cut off)  was made from two folded pieces of satin laid over an unfolded third which was stitched arounf in the leaf shape, cut out and turned inside out then stitched to a felt base and cut out again.
The three squares were made from various fabrics covering a square of felt then layered with copper mesh and finally a leaf attached with fly stitch.
This large focal element is composed of the following layers;  a green/red shot satin, a pale green sinnamay  (a woven fabric often used in milinery and for fascinators) and a leaf stamped on painted newspaper.
The other, smaller leaf motif at the right centre of thecollage (which I didn't manage to photograph) is composed of a felt triangle covered with pale green satin.  On top is a real eucalyptus leaf stitched down under more sinnamay, the whole attached with brads.
These leaves at the bottom are yo yos formed over an oval piece of card and attached with brads.

Wow, that was a lot, wasn't it?  But it all took a lot longer than one day to make.  All I did today was stitch all the motifs down, but I am pretty pleased with it.

I wonder what I will do tomorrow?  I will have to go through my UFOs (or perhaps I can say WIPs?) to find my next thing to work on!


  1. such a variety of leaves, they are looking good. Will have to try yo yos made oval, only done circular ones before. never a day goes by that I do not learn more from bloggers, life is good

  2. This makes me want to get out my fabric and start sewing. Talk about INSPIRING!! You do simply gorgeous work. I look forward to your next project because I'm wondering if you can actually outdo yourself (grin).

  3. Wow very impressive, i loooove yarn and fibre and fabric

  4. Fabulous! I love all the elements of this and fabrics I haven't used before - thanks!

  5. WOW WOW WOW!! I LOVE this so much!! How awesome to do so many different things on one collage. Can't even pick a favorite, love it all. This is a big job and you did it well. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  6. such attention to detail! love the arrangement of the leaves.

  7. I am amazed at the amount of different material you have used to create such a vibrant collage! Kudos Vicki!!!

  8. Great collection of leaves. You make me want to drag out my sewing machine and go to town :)

  9. That's so pretty! I really like it. Love the color, too.

  10. Oh these are beautiful - lovely creation


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