Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP - Iris

Last week, I posted about an iris applique quilt I had started working on.  All I had done was dye the fabric and choose the picture.  I am a bit further along with this now.
This is the unfinished pastel painting I am going to use.  It is about  30 inches square.
As you can see in this photo, It is covered in acetate, which is what I use for pastel WIPs so they can be stacked and not get smudged.  I traced the main lines of the picture onto the acetate with a marker.
Then used the acetate as a master to trace a pattern on wide format paper.
This is my background fabric, which I have darkened a little at the top with pastel and textile medium.
I traced off each part of the iris separately and cut out the centre so I could audition and fussy cut the fabric.
Using these reverse templates, it was easy to find just the right area on the fabric.
It's very hard to see in this picture, but I traced along the inside of the templates with an iron off pen.
And then rough cut out the pieces.
I free cut some leaves and stems.
I cut my pieces out more carefully and glued them down with a glue stick (I find when I am thread painting, that a glue stick allows me to add more thread than I could if I used fusible web).
And that is where I am at!  Next stop thread painting.