Thursday, November 24, 2011

A few updates

OK, so I don't have  much of any one project to show you today.
Instead I have updates on three  projects.
The first update is from yesterday.  The first block of the second red quilt is finished.
Obviously, this is not really finished, but it is as finished as I can go before I have all the blocks finished as the binding and quilting will need to happen when the size is finalised (as I mentioned yesterday).

The second update is from last week.  I started a new landscape which is of some snow gums.  Last week I began to add the sky and this week I have much of the background hills in place.
Both the sky and these hills have been sewn down quickly around the edges and now I am fiddling with leaf shapes, as these and the foreground hills will be next.  It might surprise you, that all of the hills are cut from the same fabric as the top two blue hills.
The lower hills were soaked in a strong tea solution and dried and this gave them a bit of rocky definition.
don't forget, There is a ton of thread painting to go on top, so I am not concerned with how harsh the value changes are at present.

The next update is from Monday's recycled collage.  One of the guesses about what theme I am  using is very close,  but you can still ad more comments to that post until  I draw the winner on Monday (or Sun in US)
Remember all the bits and pieces?
I took the decorating fabric samples, which were strips of textured weaves, about 3 by 6 inches, and cut a square (no rulers involved here) off one end.  Then I frayed all the edges.
I laid out all the 'squares' and put a little bit of the plasterer's mesh in the centre of each.  This mesh, which I found at a friend's  home building site, is for plastering over joins in walls.  It is flexible, like netting and sticky.  I just added it for a bit of texture.
Next, I started playing with my little found bits. 
In the two middle rows above, you can see I have put some of my bits down to create motif ideas.  None of these is set in stone, but I did like these two after playing for a while.
The top arrangement (or second row) has large circles with a small flat washer and a crinkled washer (the technical name of which escapes me right now), in the centre.
The arrangement below is composed of a circle of dyed batting, a funny little metal tube with a grey bit at the end, and a lttle gripper thingy, which could hold a piece of dowel or something circular.
I collect some of these interesting bits from my husband's  workshop debris and from machines that no longer work, like cd drives and computer parts.
Anyway, I still have a bit of doctoring of parts and arranging to do before I start to put this piece together.
I don't think my theme is quite noticeable yet, but remember, keep trying here. lol.  Someone has guessed very close, but the winner of the fat quarters will be a random commenter.  (PS this also applys to comments on the hive)

Remember to play, it's the best route to getting creativity in your day.