Friday, November 25, 2011


I have been toying with the idea of a leaf quilt along the lines of Beryl Taylor's heart quilt for a few months and this week I finally got started.  Here's a brief outline of my construction, which is slightly different to that in Beryl Taylor's book "Mixed Media Explorations" ,
Above, with the book are my design notes and some silk fabrics, chosen for the leaves.
Here, I have selected a cream silk background (A large quilt on which to attach the little mini quilts), and some satins and silks for the mini quilts which will be about 4" square and felt squares for the batting in the mini.quilts.
Here, I have my silk leaves cut out,  cardboard backings and batting to go in the leaves and at back, the  mini quilt foundations and felt, spread out.
Above, I have basted the leaves together, ready to embroider and layered the little mini quilts ready to quilt.
Here are all my pieces set out in a grid arrangement so you have an idea of what my quilt will look like when I have finished all the and sewing.  Of course it is totally unembellished here, but it will be totally overembellished when I am finished with it, lol.
I have actually found that I like this type of work, and get a lot done in the evenings.

Laura Kemshall commented once in a design matters video that it can be easier to do complicated quilting sometimes, because the simple, repetitious quilting become so boring, it is easier to persist at something more complicated.  I find the same thing with constructing my pieces.  It is not that I am patient, or persistent, as some people comment when they see some of my complicated work, it is just that fiddly, complicated work keeps me interested where something simple would bore me and I would never finish it.

Anyway - as I say, "That's my story and I'm sticking to it"

Have a great weekend!