Friday, November 18, 2011

Cellofoil and water

Today's blog is about Fabric manipulation,  in particular heat distressing plastic.
I seem to have lots of this.
It is the plasticky foil wrapper from a rice cake packet.  I decided to see what would happen if I zapped it with my heat gun and was pleasantly surprised.
It becomes molten and soft and forms ridges and pools.  I thought it looked a bit like the crests of waves.
In the picture above, I have free machined the flat areas to a piece of Lutradur.
Here is a close up of one of the ridges and the round, flat puddles.

I cut up some watery looking fabric to put in the "puddles"
Here i have placed one of these between some ridges.
I did a little bit of free motion over these watery bits.
Then placed some more watery bits down.

I ripped up some nappy liners and started adding them next to the silver ridges.
I added a bit of the nappy liner strips.
Then I added a whole lot more.  I melted the nappy liner with the heat gun, and.. turned into froth, just what  I wanted.  This sample needs a bit more free machining and perhaps even some more nappy liner, since it disappears almost to nothing except a few bubbles, but I am very pleased with this experiment and will be tweaking it a bit more, I think.

A thunderstorm is approaching very quickly, so I will post this now, before the power goes out.
Happy creating.