Monday, November 14, 2011

Time to begin again

Well, that was a long time wasn't it?
It's not that I haven't been working, I have, but it has been so hard to get back into my routine.
Best thing is to just do it.
I have learnt, during this hiatus, that my blog helps me to remember what I am working on!!!  
And of course that was the reason I started it in the first place - as a journal.
So where today?
On Mondays, I will endeavour to blog about some mixed media, which shouldn't be very hard, since I have been doing a lot of it.

Digi Fabric
I consider digital imaging to be part of mixed media.  In my case, it is a tool I use in mixed media, either to create papers, or to create fabrics.
I have finally got the hang of using brushes in photoshop and have been making a little bit of fabric.
Here are three brush fabrics which I love.
This one uses leaves, which is my current theme.
This one uses lots of different butterflies.
This one uses lots of speckly distress brushes and is much more controllable than doing it yourself!
Here it is printed on fabric.
This print highlights one of the problems with printing, which I forgot to do and that is to increase the contrast and select vivid colours when printing.
Another thing which also helps is to remember to increase the yellow - even if it looks too much, because yellow can be so easily sucked up by the other colours.  You can see that the main difference between the two pictures is the anount of yellow - And my printer has not run out of it.

Hopefully tomorrow, I will give you a quick tutorial on how to create these textures.
Because Tuesday will be tutorial day!
It's good to be back.