Thursday, December 1, 2011

colour glorious colour

I have been working on some other bits and pieces and one of them is a colour journal.  I have only just started this and so am working on straight colours at the moment.  This will be a working journal where I can play with colours and colour combinations.  Here is where I am at.
Here is my front cover
and my back cover
page 1 of red
page 2 of red
orange, partially done
yellow ditto
and blue.
I haven't started on purple yet, although I have an envelope of pictures to stick in.
Mt idea is to add fabrics and fibres etc to the pages and play with colour combinations.
I find the pages nice to look at, like eye candy, in fact, they make you want to go and greate a quilt with the different bits on the page - hey - there's an idea!