Thursday, December 8, 2011

Making a card for Mum

This is a quick card I put together yesterday for my Mum to use as an acceptance.

I ised my old ZAZ embosser to emboss a flower on silver paper.  (I seem to have lost or broken most of the bits and pices over the years, but I have just made new bits out of stuff that worked, like this thin foam here from a dishcloth, lol
Here are two embossed flowers.  The one on the left is the one I used and is made from paper backed silver foil with a floral pattern.  This is the type used to cover boards for decorated cakes.  The one on the right is thinner and is made from a roll of cigarette foil I got from my sister when she worked at a factory.
I wanted to use these tiny brads, but being gold coloured, they were not right - so
I painted them with nail polish, and then they were very nice.
I arranged my bits; a piece of watercolour paper for the card, a bit of gorgeous black fibre paper with leafy bits in it and the embossed foil.
All trimmed and arranged.
And all finished, ready to post to her.  Oh, I forgot, I added a bit of pearly gold nail polish and a tiny dot of blue to the embossed flower and it looks yummy.

Just goes to show, you really don't know what's in your stash until you have to make something in particular for someone.