Friday, December 9, 2011

Not fabric, but still fibre

Yesterday, I finally photographed a little book I finshed a while ago. 
From the outside, I suppose it just looks like any old book.  I used a coptic binding  (or here)(with beads!) and recycled the cardstock from my paper and cardboard collection (otherwise known as my recycling baskets)
However, it's the inside that I really like (Beyond the fact that it sits so flat when open!)
It is made from bill envelopes, the kind with the cellophane window.  I got this idea from Laura Kemshall in a design matters episode (It costs money to subscribe, but is certainly worth it)
My book is actually a little different to Laura's, but if you know me, you know I can never follow instructions without altering them.  Same with rules - lol.
I cut my envelopes so that each one opens at the top and the window is a vertical strip in the front of each pocket.  I wanted the pockets to be secure and only open at the top.  I glued the spine part (what was originally the open top of each envelope) into a pair of paper slips or tip-ins which were then bound (I got this method  from the new Cloth Paper Scissors Pages magazine.  This is so full of great stuff!
Finally, I couldn't finish without showing my wonky beading on the spine.  I do like making books like this - they are soo cute!