Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A couple of leaves

This is where my leaf quilt was at last week.  I have worked on a couple of leaves since then.
Here is the first one I worked on, with my sketch in the top left.  My idea was to have a fabric paper leaf and have the veins of the laf go over the top of it, using bugle beads.

first I just tacked down the fabric paper leaf with some vein like stitches.
Then I started stringing the bugle beads over that.
But the problem I found was making the bugle beads fit nicely.  I suppose I could have shortened a few, or added some beads to fil, but instead, I took them off.
And did some fishbone stitching instead.
And added some beads, but then realised that I had already drawn this design on my sketchbook page.
Oh well, these things happen.  I will have to design another one, won't I?
On the next leaf, I wanted to string a grid and put beads and sequins in the squares.
Here I am stringing the first layer of the grid.
And here is my very wonky finished grid.
and here I have filled all the full square with sequins and beads( the wonkiness at the tip was a bit difficult, but I just stayed symmetrical)
Then I decided that the centre vein needed a few bugle beads.  I did audition the green sequins, but it was a bit christmassy.  I still think I might add something else between the bugle beads, perhaps a cross stitch in glod thread on the intersections....hmmm.

Anyway, as you can see, I am working on these small pieces.  I am enjoying the process, but it is taking some time to complete three fiddly pieces at once (plus all my other bits and pieces I haven't even talked about!

Art is not a thing; it is a way.  
Elbert Hubbard