Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paper making and painting

After watching a video from Linda Kemshall about paper making on design matters recently ,
I ripped up some paper scraps, got out my mold and deckle

and old vitamiser/Blender

and made a bit of handmade paper.
I made about 2 dozen sheets.  Here is a good tutorial for making paper and the tools you need
This paper has not been pressed much, so it soaks up paint really well.  More about that later.

Also on the paper theme, I had been wanting to try some painted paper hand towels for a while as they have such great texture.

 These two are just drops of watered down watercolour paints (purple, blue, green and yellow) on dry paper towels.  After painting, I scrunched the towels up to mix all the colours together

This is the same as the first two, however I dripped the paint on a damp paper towel

This one is a paper napkin - just one  ply/layer not the whole thing and it was just too fragile when wet.  It fell apart.
This is the same napkin, but instead of dripping paint onto it, I pressed it into my freezer paper (that I used underneath to protect the table) and it picked up all the little bits that were still there
Here is a napkin, done by pressing onto the freezer paper after I dripped paint on the freezer paper.
Finally, I tried out some of the handmade paper.  On the left, I dripped the paint on, and it tore when I picked it up.  On the right, I pressed it onto the freezer paper after adding paint to the freezer paper.  This gave some lovely ink blot type marks.

I think this technique will be something I do whenever I have some paint left over from something as the textures are very nice.