Sunday, August 21, 2011

Entrapped Fibre Films - Samples

Here are a few samples from my last tutorials on  creating fabrics and foundations by entrapping them using sheers and using water soluble stabiliser.
This sample used a number of yarns entrapped between two layers of tulle and free machine stitched with silver thread.
This sample is made in the same way as the sample above, but used ripped up pieces of paper, and also a few scribbly flowers in the free machining.
This sample had tulle on top, but had a layer of black velvet underneath and entrapped silk  tops.  You can see the velvet fibres comming through where the stitches are.
This sample had a layerof bronze shot satin underneath, and water soluble on top, with a few yarns entrapped, the free machining was with a bronze metallic thread.  Yummy!
This last sample had a huge variety of scraps entrapped between water soluble, top and bottom.  Free machining was with a lime coloured embroidery thread in a geometric meandering.

These samples show only a few of the wide variety of items which can be used to make fabric films in this manner, from paper, to scraps, to sheers, to luxury fabrics, yarns and fibres.  These pieces are destined to become notebook covers and I will show that in a later blog.

The next technique I will be looking at when I get my studio organised again, will be bonded fibre films.

Happy stitching