Friday, August 5, 2011

Silk paper and other fibre films method 3a

so here is the next installmentin my fibre films series.
Method 3a is entrapment.  It is 3a, because I also class using water soluble to entrap here as 3b.
Basically in this method, we trap whatever we like - silk tops, threads, yarn, fabrics, even paper between two layers of sheers and stitch the life out of it!
Some blue tulle ready to add the fibres
Lay out some silk tops, or wool rovings, or anything, really.
some slubby yarn.
some tape yarn.
Top layer of tulle added.  You can pin at this stage, however, I don't as i find pulling them out as I sew tedious!
The finished piece of fabric is pretty gorgeous.  For this one I used my normal sewing machine and did a very elongated three step zig zag, which most machines have got.  I sewed a grid in the two diagonal directions.
The whole sewing step took around five minutes, so this technique I wouls class as very easy and accessible to anyone.

Happy creating