Monday, August 8, 2011

Grass Cuttings - Scrap Journal

OK, a new scrap journal page.
Whilst thinking about this design, I was inspired by the work of Naomi Renouf, whose textile collages are beautiful, and intended to put together a garden, but when it came down to it, I liked the lines of the grass as they were and so, it became a collage of grass.
As usual, I started with my piece of canvas.
Added a bit of blue fabric for the sky.
Then cut some strips of green fabrics for the greenery.
I arranged the strips along the bottom.
Then covered the whole thing with tulle and pinned it down.  A few of the strips moved and bent and I liked the effect, so I bent a few more myself.
I sewed some grassy lines with free motion all over the green strips.
And here is the final piece.  I free motioned over the sky in a similar way to the grass, to keep the illusion of the lines.
These journal pages are not meant to be works of art, but very simple quick explorations of aspects of landscape.  Most of the time the cutting and arranging takes less than ten minutes and the free motion from ten to twenty minutes.  They are experiments which I might expand on later in larger pieces. 
I am sure I will use this effect again (with more careful cutting and embroidery of course).

Hopefully, later in the week, I will outline the method I am using for constructing this journal.

Take time to play!