Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fabric paper samples

I did a batch of fabric paper samples the other day for a specific project I have in mind about leaves. 
For my first sample, I used the same paper scraps I have used before on a base of cotton, painted with diluted PVA.
Here is the paper layer finished, with the addition of a few yellow and green bits and some more PVA.
I added some gold leaf powder.
Tissue paper and another layerof PVA
Ipainted the tissue with diluted green and yellow paint.  I felt the yellow was a bit cool, so I added abit of orange.
After drying, this sample ended up like this.  I have kneaded this sample to soften it and add texture.

For the next sample, I used foil, the paper backed kind that lines cigarette packets.  I was given this several years ago by a factory worker when the factories here were closing down.  I like this foil, because it sticks well due to the paper backing.  You could also use the foil that is used to cover cake boards.
Here is the foil layeredon the fabric, with the PVA added.  Notice how the glue does not cover the foil because it is shiny.
Here it is after the tissue layer and the colour layer.  I used some red dye leftover from a dyeing session.  I like the way the dye concentrates around the crinkles in the tissue.
Here it is after drying and crinkling.  It is hard to see here, but the foil give it a translucent sheen at different angles.
It always pays to look at the back.  I loved the way the dye crept in at the edges of the foil.  I might have to use a piece of this backward just to use this lovely effect.

My next sample was using a decorative napkin.  This one in particular is very apt for a leaf theme, don't you think?
I only used a pale yellow wash over the tissue on this one.
Here's the final dried sample.

In this sample, I used leaves cut from pages of a home and garden magazine using a scrapbooking punch.
I used some red and yellow diluted paint over the tissue.
Here is the final sample.  I am sure I will make more of this one.

In the last sample, I used scrim,or cheesecloth instead of cotton.
Being obsessed with the colours of the leftover bits of the magazine pages and unable to throw them away, I overlapped them, leaving some holes.
I got very involved in the process and forgot to photograph, but I used the red dye again over the tissue paper.
But here is the final sample - and I like this too.  It's amazing what you can make with some rubbish!

All in all it was a very productive afternoon.  Now I just need to get on with my designs for the project.
For those in places other than Australia, PVA is wood glue, or white glue.

If you use scraps to experiment, you can sometimes end up with treasures.