Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fiddling with photos

Here are some photos from my garden that I have been fiddling with to give me a bit of inspiration for some floral quilts.  Generally I use filters in Photo shop elements and I have my favourites, so without further ado-
Some daisies. Photo on left, filtered with "Paint daubs" on right.
You can see in this close up that the picture that the "pieces" are like confetti and I could use this filter to create a monet or impressionist type collage by using coloured scraps and tulle as in my journal.

Helleborus or winter rose, which I love. Here I have used "Cut outs"  to create a pattern for a fused picture.
You can see in this close up that this filter has created shapes which I can cut out of fused fabric.
Some violets. and the filtered picture using "frescoe"  I like this one because it gives lovely depth on the leaves.
In this close up you can see that this is a perfect candidate for a fused picture which is also painted.  I would use this to create a simple pattern, then use it to apply the darks and highlights which are on the leaves.

So you have had a little look into another one of my design processes.  These pictures would be converted to patterns using photoshop again, by tracing the outlines on a new layer then deleting the original layer.  Each colour would also be added in a new layer.  I have previously looked at this here.

Dilly Dally with designs, they don't all have to be created.