Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silk paper and fibre films mehod 3b

OK, now to method 3b, which is basically the same as 3a, except that we use water soluble stabiliser and wash it away afterwards.
Here is silk top laid out on some water soluble stabiliser.  I like the non woven one rather than the plasticky ones, because the plasticky ones get sticky when the weather is damp.
I have added some waste threads on top of the silk.
folded over my stabiliser to form the top layer,
and stitched over the stabiliser - pebbling on the left and a simple grid on the right.  As with all stitching on water soluble, you need to make sure that the threads cross over each other and interlock.
Above are the front sides of the pieces after washing out the stabiliser and drying.  On this side, the scrap threads are very visible.
and the back sides, where the silk tops are more visible.  You can, obviously use whichever side suits your purpose best, but I actually love the sheen of the silk tops on the back..

Sometimes, these two methods can be referred to as cheat's silk paper, but I find that the addition of thread to the fibre film makes a more interesting fabric.

Make time to create today.