Monday, August 15, 2011

Tyvek and Lutradur - More samples

A few more experiments with tyvek.
This is tyvek ironed over a layer of plastic.  The tyvek almost dissolves away, but the plastic stops it from scrunching up.
This is painted tyvek ironed onto fusible.  This also stops the crinkling/balling up and allows the tyvek to form an open texture.
This is painted tyvek ironed, but on a very low heat.  This allows just a slight crinkling.  This reminds me of ripples in water.
This tyvek was stitched around the edges to a painted piece of very stiff stabiliser.  This also allowed holes to form rather than bubbles.  In different colours, I can see rocks in this.
This last one is my favourite and I know I will use it again.  Tyvek was sewn onto the back of a piece of painted cotton.  The sewing was an all over pattern I did free motion.  The pice was turned over and the tyvek heated. It created a really crinkly texture, like with some of the new heat sensitive, shrinking products I have seen.  It would be worth looking at different stitching patterns and how they change the way the fabric bubbles.  This one has a million possibilities.

Don't forget to play and experiment, The art playground is one where you will find your creative impulse.