Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where am I at?

Well, if you have seen the Tangled textiles (link on the RHS side bar) site, then you know that I have a week left to finish my Challenge 2 piece about Celebrations. 
I have done lots of samples and know exactly what I am going to do - except there are two different pieces!
I have really only just started putting them together today.
Here's a peek.
This one might look familiar from the samples I did a while ago.  A fair bit of glueing to go before I even start stitching..
This is my second piece under the needle - not much to see - just a bit of blue fabric and some watercolour pencil painting.  I have just started stitching.
Of course I have also been busy with my Quilting group's upcoming  stall at our market.
Some hexagons for a christmas table runner.

I have also been preparing some altered books "a la"  Linda and Laura Kemshall on Design Matters TV, but pages painted with Gesso and nothing else are a bit boring to show, maybe later when they have something on them lol.

Crafters are all busy bees, aren't we?