Monday, August 29, 2011

Tool Time

Just a little peek at some of the ideas I am working on for the next Tangled Textiles challenge: Tools.
This first piece might look a long way along, since it is partially quilted, however there is another one or two layers to go on.  This one is about antique tools.
This is the first stage of another idea.  I am making fabric paper with pictures of sewing tools and instead of tissue paper, I am using a dressmaking pattern.  This one has a long way to go.
I'm sure none of you have a problem seing the idea behind this top.  However, it didn't stay like this very long.
I cut it all up in little pieces and put them together again.  This one will get a bit of reverse applique, some stencilling, some brads and eyelets and some found objects as well.

With this challenge, I am also challenging myself to try more abstract work and to incorporate mixed media.  My idea is to put together an idea as quick as I can, then design further layers to complement it.  At this stage I am averaging about one a week, but we  will see.

Just get on with the idea, don't worry about details!