Monday, July 18, 2011

Scrap Journal cover - landscapes

I have started a scrap journal.  I often feel the need to  have something to stitch that I can play with and where I don't have a particular end in mind.
I cut up some canvas to use as backing for the scrap collages.
Above, on the left, are the pieces for the papges.  On the right, is the piece for the cover.  As you can see, there is extra space between the front and back for the spine.  At present, the pages are the same size as the front and back, but they will be cut own after they are finished.
This is the cover, in process.

 Above, I have added scraps, in a basic landscape, which will be the theme for this first journal.
Next, I added just a bit of yarn in the sky and on some of the hills.
Finally, I pinned down some tulle (I think I must have cornered the market on tulle as I use it so much)
I did some free motion scribbling all over the piece.  I used a multicoloured thread, with green, brown and orange in the bottom section and just "scribbled" (which is really all that is neccessary). Later, I used a multi toned thread in blue for the sky (not shown here)
And here is the finished piece for the cover.  It is a very simple, abstract sort of landscape.
In the next post for this project, I will construct the cover and in further blogs, I will do the pages.  Remember, this is an on the spot, make it up as you go along project, so I intend to surprise myself!!!