Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creating silk paper and other fibre films Method 2 - Glue method Part 4

In this blog, I am continuing to look at bonding fibres with glue or medium.

These samples were made using scrap fibres from sewing.

 This first sample I made using just scrap threads.  

Here, I have layered them with tulle.

Next, painting medium on.  I used straight, undiluted liquitex medium.

I distributed the medium using a brayer.  This sample required two coats of medium to stay together.  After more experimentation, I found that plastic film worked better than tulle, because it allowed the medium to stay with the fibres, not leak out.  It made a film which was stiff, but easily stitched.

Above the dried film on plastic.

In my second sample, I used scrap fibres again, but used white merino tops as well.

Here are the scrap fibres laid out .

A layer of merino tops laid over the top.

More threads on top.

Rolling up prior to soaking in dilute soapy water.

Blotting most of the water.

Painting on the medium.  I used a 1:2 dilution of liquitex.

Distributing the medium with the brayer. I have found this to be much more successful than a spoon or fingers.

After taking off the top tulle.  Ready to dry.

The finished piece.  This made a lovely texture, milky because of the merino tops.  It reminded me of the colours in a raw opal.  It was lovely to stitch through and easy to manipulate and the fibres were enmeshed well.