Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creating silk paper and other fibre films Method 2 - Glue method Part 5

In this blog, I will be using the glue or medium method to bond fabrics and fabric scraps.
Here, I am soaking some organza in a dilute soap solution.
Organza is laid out on some tulle.
Next I am adding leaves cut fom another fabric which have also been wet with dsoapy water then soaked in medium.
Here are all the leaves added.
I added some more tulle and painted with some 1:2 dilute medium.
Then I evenned out the medium with the brayer.
And here is the finished piece.  The edges did have a tendency to lift off.  I could have gone over with another layer of straight medium, but stitching solved the problem. I liked this effect, but I wanted a little more texture.
In the next sample, I added just a bit more.

In this sample, I also covered the leaves with a little tussah silk tops.  The method was the same as above.  There was one change and that was when the layers were wet and I had painted the medium on, I removed the top layer and softly brushed the silk.  The silk made thick and thin lines as you will see below, instead of a fine transparent layer on the top.  I really liked this effect and hope to repeat it with  blacks, greys and browns to make a rock texture.
I think you can see why I like this texture.