Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scrap journal - inside front and back pages

At present I am overloaded with samples!  I have several projects on the go, so my scrap journal is providing me with a bit of play to alternate with all the work I am doing!
In order to construct the journal, I wanted two half size pages for the front and back.
After a little opportunity shopping, I put together these two similar pages.
Basically, they are the same.  From the top, the fabrics are:
Blue cotton
brown, orange and yellow chiffon

a piece of open weave straw (much used in fascinators) over the top of the chiffon
bright orange homespun
a piece of fabric cut from an apricot jumper
Dark orange brushed cotton
yellow fleece - fleece side up

This time, I did not use tulle, but simply stuck the pieces down with a glue stick.
Here are the pieces after embroidering
This time there are a few slight differences.
In the sky, I stitched a linear pattern on the left and a shell type cloud pattern on the right.
On the chiffon, I used granite stitch to define and stabilise the edge and to highlight some of the darker areas.
I simply stitched down the  the woven straw at the edges.
On the orange cotton, I used stem stitch in a sideways zig zag motion to represent trees or grass.
On the apricot knitted fabric, I stitched contour lines.
On the dark orange brushed cotton, I drew lines irregularly with a multicoloured thread and did some weave stitch at the top.
On the yellow fleece, I stitched alternating shells.
I am quite happy with this piece and I can notice a theme starting here, there are two desert type themes (and one watery)  I wonder what I will do next?
Here is a little video of how my journal will look at this stage.  It's not my best effort so far, but next time will be better!