Thursday, July 7, 2011

recent swap creations

here are a couple of recent swaps I have done.
No, You are not seeing double.  I try to do two of each swap, so I have one for myself!.
 This was a machine needlefelted postcard, done for stitchin fingers.  It was a recycled theme.  Everything was recycled, bits and pieces from my scrap box, nothing purchased, but the background contained all manner of recycled plastic, and threads from my discard bin, failed painted fabric and bits of samples.
I covered that with some bronze organza, needle felting over that
And then I added the daisy centre, leaves and petals.  The centre was a gold crushed velvet, and the leaves were a mottled green chiffon, both needled in. Petals were two different white organzas and some white satin.  I needled the petals individually down the centre, then added some stitching later..
These two were made for lisalou designs ATC swap.
I used some painted fusible for the background and but a black felt base on for the beetles.  I made some folded wings out of white organza, which were sewn below the outer blue wings, made of rainbow spun (Lutradur) which I left loose, so the white wings were able to be seen.  I blanket stitched in gold around the wings, head and the whole ATC.  The legs were embroidered in black thread and the eyes and blue blue beads were added last.
The picture below was taken by Lisa and shows the blue over wing folded up to see the underwing.
Happy creating.