Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leaves in the mist

Another of the samples I have been working on is creating leaves receding into the mist.  The actual sample is not entirely finished, but the misty part of it is.
In my fist sample, I started by  glueing down my leaves on a background fabric.
Then I stitched them down.
I added a layer of frost net (which is a non woven fabric, like very fine interfacing, It is made from recycled bottles and I got it at the hardware ) and then added more leaves over the top.
I stitched these leaves down.  You can already see the leaves from the layer below receding.
Another layer of frost net and more leaves.
More leaves and then some scribbling on the background.
I like this sample, but wondered if other sheers might give a better effect, so I tried a few.
First I tried tulle, which gave only a little misting and was not as dramatic as the frost net.
Next I tried organza, and although it layered down the colour, the shine of the fabric interfered with the effect.  Now that I think of it, chiffon may have worked here.
And last, the frost net, to compare with the other two and it still wins, hands down.
So now to the next stage of my sample, which is some 3d bits on top.

Take time to create.