Friday, January 6, 2012

Sunny days and sketching

Today, another screenprint
This piece of screen print was just asking for a sun.  I used some red organza backed with fusible and applique'd/cut it with the soldering iron (I showed this technique here)  I added some dimensional gold paint for the rays and put some brads in the corners.  OOps, no stitching at all in this one.

OK - now a quick glimpse into my sketchbook for this last week.
A stylised japanese tree, based on a dover illustration
a design from a lolly (candy) wrapper.
Some leaf shapes ( the white bits you can see on the page are a result of using a black marker in my book - it creates spots on the back of the page - which I have to paint over)
A design for a quilt, which might use applique or printing.
A leafy doodle which might be interesting as a free machine embroidered wholecloth - however it will have to wait as I already have one in progress)
A sprig of rosemary from the garden, sketched in outline ( Now write - "I must not use markers" one hundred times, lol)
And finally, another quilt design that I am sure I will get to... one day.

Remember to create something today!
oops! and don't forget to check out Lisa's ATCs

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  1. Oh I love the visual interest in the last sketch Vicki! That will make such a wonderful quilt. I sure like your other sketching too!


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