Sunday, January 15, 2012

TAST week 2

Week two for TAST is buttonhole stitch.  This landscape ATC is done entirely with buttonhole stitch.

I found a poor, dead butterfly and put it in one of my little books with pockets
Very morbid, I know, but it was just too beautiful to leave.
And then I sketched it.
I don't know why I tend to do this when I sketch moths and butterflies - that is, only finish one side, but I do (perhaps I'm just lazy)
Here are a few other sketches from my book, whilst you are waiting for me to meet my deadline tomorrow. (or late tonight, maybe)
A quick outline for a landscape.
A fish I want to use in a layered piece.
Some teacups from a home decorating type magazine.
A design for a beaded embroidery.
And finally a shell which was sitting on my desk.

Now, off to finish my Tangled textiles challenge!

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  1. Love your buttonhole stitch atc landscape! What a very neat idea! All of your drawings are great Vicki, especially like your 1/2 coloured butterfly.

  2. Beautiful buttonhole landscape.

  3. are very talented! I am amazed by your "quick" sketches and I absolutely love the stitched ATC!

  4. I love your little landscape, Vicki. Very creative.


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