Tuesday, January 31, 2012

felt flowers and some patchwork

A simple ATC today
Simple felt flowers stitched onto a black felt background.  backed with a playing card (I knew they were useful for something)

Today is my quilting group, so I decided I had better put up a picture of what I am doing.  It doesn't seem like I do much patchwork, but I have several on the go, which will get finished....one day.

My name for this pattern is windmill crossing, but I know there are other names for it.  I have completed about 15 of these blocks, and have lots and lots to go
So it is going to be a long time befor the blocks start to be pieced into 3x3s.  I am afraid that I have felt a little guilty, what with Lisa finishing her quilt, and Nicolette nearly finished her dear jane!
I thought I should make some space in my room full of ufos.


  1. Love those felt flowers. BTW how do you store all your little ATCs?Oh Oh! Now I feel guilty for leaving my UFO shelf so crammed full. Must get on some of those.

  2. simple ATC? You (& Lisa) are constantly amazing me with your ATCs - I couldn't produce one of these little works of art everyday, and have them all so wonderful and so unique. Your felt flowers are fabulous. I like your blocks, too - are they curved piecing or is that an optical illusion?


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