Monday, January 16, 2012

A bit of nature and some stars

Today's ATC is a bit different, but I just thought, "what if..." and made it.  The background is some eucalyptus bark, which is always lying around outside.  The pebbles are ones I found in the garden (not the ones I bought, which are much more regular) and the twine was just out of the drawer.  It was quite easy to sew through the bark to attach the pebbles and I punched the holes for the twine with a simple hole punch!
I like this one, and it is telling me that the simple things are often the best.

Today is tangled textiles challenge reaveal day, so one of my deadlines is finally gone.
Here is my piece in response to the theme of "look up"
It is my view of the Southern cross and the milky way, which I see from the back steps most nights, only of course infinitely more lovely than this.
I started with a closely scribble quilted piece of fabric
Then painted it with acrylic paint.
Next, I stencilled in the milky way with a silver shiva stick and I disliked it so much, I didn't even take a photo.
I tried using some organza to cover it up
but that didn't work!  In the end, I thread painted all over the shiva cloud with a variegated white to blue thread.
I Added iron on sparklies for the stars, but I still didn't like it but I bound it anyway because the 15th was hours away, then as I sat, thinking, I started adding some hand stitching with perle thread, and I started to like it a bit.  Obviously, time was an issue, or I think I would have added more hand stitch.  Next time I will start hand stitching much earlier, as I think I am starting to want that texture in my work.

Anyhow, have fun creating every day.

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  1. I see that you used any colour thread in your tight FMQ before you painted the background. Never thought to do that. a good way to use up old thread too. I like this piece. It does make me want to gaze up into the sky. Living in the city I don't much get a chance to see it as clearly as you do. How mezmerizing it must be.


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