Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another leaf and some painting

today's ATC is another leaf!!
Felt, Wire, Silver thread, green stranded cotton, running stitch, couching, chain stitch.

I was looking at  the colouricious site in response to their newsletter, and found a gorgeous landscape by Ineke Berlin.    This one is also gorgeous, too.' 

Ineke uses Lutradur for her landscapes and because it is a non woven fabric, there are no fraying problems.  I thought I would have a go at it.  I have lutradur, but I looked around to see what other nonwovens I had.
I found some nappy lines, some face wipes and baby wipes and for good measure, I added some tea bag paper.
Since they were all very thin, I layered them up, so that ant paint going through would go onto the fabric below, and I decided to use the kids paint brushes I bought the other day. (Instead of throwing out the paint - nothing goes to waste around here!)
Here is a baby wipe painted.  I was using primary colours, nothing very nature like about that, but I will show you how I changed the contrast and colours in a bit.
Tea bag paper - very translucent and yummy!
and some nappy liner - you can see here the colours are much more natural and the contrast is more blended in.  I did this by doing something I often do when painting fabrics for landscape.  I roll the fabric together to blend the paints.  In these two above, I rolled the fabric into a sausage and then rolled it between my hands.  In other samples, I scrunch and roll into a ball and roll between my hand, and this gives a more blotchy pattern rather than the streaks you see here.
My group of tea bag papers.  Because these were so see through, I didn't blend the colours by scrunching.)
Here are some of the face wipes and baby wipes.  you can see the bottom right, green one was scrunched rather than rolled.
More baby wipes and some nappy liners.  The two nappy liners at the bottom show clearly the difference between rolling and scrunching with these very thin materials,

All in all, a very successful session.  Now, I need to do a bit of work on my sketch of the creek, which is what I want to use this for.  and start cutting ripping, arranging and sewing.  Hopefully, I'll have something to show by next week, although I still have one deadline today week to get done!  (It will be down to the wire as usual for me)

An ATC a day keeps the world at bay!
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  1. Vicki - Just love all your work. Love the experimenting you do and the results you get. You must have the most amazing amount of 'stuff' and it must be ohhhh so well organised. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing and explaining. Wendy in Melbourne

  2. I'm a mollydooker from melbourne, too, and no, my studio looks like a tip most of the time, but I do collect "stuff"

  3. I always learn so much on your blog. I have never tried scrunching or rolling my fabric... now on my list to try. Do you buy tea bag papers?

  4. You always have such neat ideas! Thanks for posting all the pictures and writing up your process. Very interesting! Certainly looks like you were having fun :)

  5. I just had a look at the landscapes you linked to by Ineke Berlin. You're right - they are really something! Thanks for the links :)


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