Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some leather and some flowers

Happy Australia Day!

Today's ATC is a bit different.
small offcuts of different coloured woods sewn onto a piece of leather - backed with card. Holes for stitching were made with hole punch. thread is an ecru coloured cotton perle 5

And now - today, I had one of those quick fix days when you just have to make something quick to fix you up.

So, I made a fanfold fabric book.
I started with some heavyweight interfacing which I cut to 13 x 10 cm.  I am using four pieces.  I like to use an even number because then you can fold it up with everything inside.
I laid them out on some prefused fabric, spaced about 1/8 to 1/4 inch apart to allow for folding, and ironed them down.
Then I laid another piece of prefused fabric over the top, and ironed it down, so I had the interfacing sandwiched between the two layers.  I ironed again on both sides to check they were well fused.
And then I had a little fanfold book that stands up on it's own.
I trimmed the edges up to the interfacing.
I played around with some arrangements of a few dimensional flowers I had lying around.  I like the one on the right.
Then I chose some  buttons to cover up the centres. The next little bit involved a lot of glueing and stitching.  I stitched all the flowers and leaves and buttons down, then reinforced  with a bit of fabric glue.I found a scrap of binding that matched both the front and back and attached it initially with double sided tape cut to 1/4 inch, then sewed it down.

Here it is almost finished - a bit of quick gratification!
The last thing I did was to make some cord by stitching the binding together, cut off a piece to make a loop and attach it to the outside , thren thread the cord through the loop and tie it up.  I did not want to attach the cord tp the covers as I usually do, because then it would hang off when the display was open.

Pretty good for an afternoon's work!

I think if I were to do another of these which involved a lot of stitching, I would leave the fused fabric off the outside (and perhaps even the interfacing) until the items were stitched easier to stitch that way, but it would depend on the items

There is a quote that says neccessity is the mother of invention, but I think maybe neccessity had a sister, called creativity.


  1. What a great little book! And I've been enjoying your fun atc's.

  2. Love the natural tones of your ATC and the texture too! What a cool book. I will have to try this some time.. great idea!

  3. I love the dimensional flowers that you used. And being able to display them that way is ingenious! Like Gina, I've been enjoying watching you make your ATCs.


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