Saturday, January 28, 2012

a meteor and some red stuff

today's atc began it's life as a sun.
... and became a meteor in the process - organza and cellofoil on black cotton, distressed with heat gun. echo quilting.

After my lazt day yesterday, I decided I needed to get some work done - ahh guilt is a great motivator!

I finished another three red button blocks.
For challenge 3 at Tangled textiles, I made a red quilt using buttons in Beryl taylor style you can see it here and here.
I actually designed too many blocks and so am putting together another one
I think I have already shown these two, but a refresher won't hurt.
The top one is on a bronze brocade, then a circle of gold sequin waste, squares of red and cream organza placed at 45 degrees to each other.  The cream organza is frayed.  next, four vintage mother of pearl buttons on the corners of the cream organza, and in the centre a circular metal filigree finding held down by a bead and sequin.
The bottom one is on red satin with two frayed cram/gold satin squares at 45 deg angle with a large pink vintage button and another mother of pearl button topped with a heart shaped brad.  The edge of each square was beaded with red metallic bugle beads.
This one was on gold satin with a bit of texture.  I made a gold lutradur flower for the really vintage button on this one, then made danglies fron bugles,and seed beads, with a red natural seed at the end of each.
This piece of fabric had a great harlequin pattern, which I used to space my buttons.  each yellow/gold diamond had a mother of pearl and a red button stacked and in the centre three red diamonds, I did some feather stitch in gold thread.
Since I missed TAST 2012 last week, this close-up can serve as a sample.
This piece of fabric had a japanese feel to it.  To keep along simple japanese lines, I just added stacked buttons to the three different areas and  put some twining cretan stitch in red and gold along the edges.
Here is a close up of my messy cretan stitch, which is this week's TAST 2012.

The pot of gold is not at the end of the rainbow, it is in the sewing room.


  1. Love the work you are doing, it's a creative medium I am trying to teach myself as I get great satisfaction if I can just sit and work at a creative idea using whatever material is at hand. I so need to learn more. happily following you here and on The Hive which is where I found you. Take care

  2. nice idea, thanks for sharing...

  3. I am enthralled by these pieces. The handwork that you do is impressive. You must have been collecting the various buttons for quite some time.

  4. wow! What a lot of work! Beautiful! I have never seen a meteor up close! very cool!


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