Thursday, January 5, 2012

fly stitch and some running water

today's ATC is about two challenges in the one task.  I decided to combine TAST (Take a stitch tuesday) on Pintangle with my ATCs and here is my first result.
Just a little fly stitch swirl.  TAST is a weekly chellenge run by Sharon B at Pintangle.  I'm pretty sure she has near a thousand participants, as there were over a hundered a month ago when she stopped adding to the list
I sketched out my design for this as I was getting confused
And I also drew a little spiral on my fabric as a guide with an iron off pen.

And now, a little peek at a fused collage a' la  Laura Wasilowski (Quilting arts TV episode 401)
Here is the basic fused picture.  This one I am going to embroider by hand in the evenings.

I have begun with some swirly water (close up on right).  Mostly, I will use straight, running stitch, lazy daisy, seeding. blanket stitch, but of course, now I will have TAST to inspire me as well!

happy stitching!


  1. Love the ATC. I took a class with Laura last year on a cruise. Lots of fun!

  2. Very nice, I always enjoy your posts! A wonderfully creative, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2012 to you!
    Aloha, Connie

  3. The double spiral is one of my favorite motifs, and I like the way you've used the stitch with it, avoiding the usual fern motif. (I happen to like ferns, but this offers a fresh perspective on the stitch.)

    Thank you for posting the TAST link! One of my goals this year is to re-acquaint myself with embroidery and this challenge sounds like just the ticket!

  4. What a coincidence. I've been viewlin Ms.asilowski's blog lately too. I'll be interested to see how your little cottage turns out. thanks also for the TAST link. I was checking that out too, but lost the link.


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