Thursday, January 12, 2012

Remember spring, and altered books

playing card, molding paste through a stencil, gesso, watercolour paint, (very messy) decorative machine stitching, lazy daisy, felt backing.

Another brief glimpse into my artbooks, today.

This is a niche, cut into my insect theme book, using layered tissue paper and a cast tissue dragonfly.
and another, layered tissue page in my techniques book, with some decorative stitching on the side of the page.
I have arranged some distressed leaf samples I did a while ago on some paste paper in my leaf theme book.

Here are two little niches, front and back in my leaf theme book.
hereis the page complete, with a metal leaf and a cast made from it mounted.
and from the back, with the distressed leaves showing through.
this page is created using newspaper, gesso, acrylic and then a watercolour wash with salt.
And I am playing with this acetate overlay, but I think I might make one out of stitching to go on this page.

I am very busy with things I can't show you yet, which is quite frustrating, but hopefully next week the pressure will be off slightly and I will be able to get some playing done!

And don't you forget to play every day! 

Don't forget Lisa's ATC

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  1. Your ATC is gorgeous!!!! And I love those niches. I have never tried that. Do you cut out of the cover?


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