Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Something simple and another journal

Ah, a bit late after the big storm this morning, but oh, so cool - a great day for working!
Today is just a bit of screen print with some free motion meandering.  I loved the fabric so much, I didn't want to put much on to of it.  I was trying out Melanie Testa's knife edge finish from her book "inspired to quilt"
And here is a little book I created recently from Pam Carriker's Art at the speed of life.
I folded mt book, then I changed my mind and pulled it apart and painted the papers

Bit of a messy job.  I used mt homemade glaze medium, which is white glue 1:1 with water.
Here is my cover after collaging and addin molding paste
And after glazing - I love this texture.  In the book there are lots more layers, but I stopped here as I liked it.
and the book.  Almost to good to draw in, but I will be adding to it as I go through Pam's book.

happy creating.


  1. Oh the cover is gorgeous! I would love to run my hands over it to feel the texture!

  2. I like this journal cover and the painted pages Vicki. I am drawn to those colours especially. A great looky see again, your photographs are excellent.


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