Sunday, January 29, 2012

some face wipes and a sampler

Today's ATC has leaves on it again! (are you surprised?)
This card is made from a painted baby wipe and face wipe which I made here
I have layered a square of face wipe on top of the baby wipe and some more pressed leaves.  I freemotioned around the square and the leaves and used the paint colours as a guide for stitching.  I have so much trouble with satin stich edgings (my corners get eaten up) and have tried lots of different ways, and I thought, what if I tried it free motion?  and it worked reasonably well - needs a bit of fine tuning, but no eaten corners!

Now for the sampler,
This rather untidy piece of work began it's life as a sampler for a quilt which I will show you tomorrow. 
Basically, it is simply different coloured strips tacked down on a backing, to which I have then added lots of different stitches and embellishments. 
It now has a new life as part of my TAST2012 challenge, because it is the perfect base for me to practice the stitches on.  And as it happens, three of the four stitches we have done are actually on it already.
On this section, I have
  • some straight stitches, 
  • a couched piece of  machine wrapped cord
  • a piece of tulle bunched up and sewn down
  • some seed stitches with a nylon knitting ribbon
  • a fly stitch pattern
  • some random fly stitches
beginning from the blue frayed piece, which is organza attatched with running stitch
  • a pice of satin braid couched down with a line of blue pearl beads above it
  • a piece of blue and white eyelash
  • cretan stitch with a piece of nylon knitting tape woven through it
  • a pice of flat tape secured with vertical straight stitches
  • some random lines of basque stitch
  • a piece of furry eyelash couched down and surrounded by seed stitches
 Starting just below the eyelash and seed stitches
  • green ribbon attached with a chain stitch at top and diagonal lines of fly stitch
  • a piece of ladder tape yarn couched down
  • another frayed piece of organza attached with a curvy chain stitch and random beading above
  • three buttonhole stitch leaves
 Starting from the leaves
  • a piece of green chiffon which has not been embellished yet
  • a piece of burned organza attached with three lines of very messy snail trail stitch
  • some more eyelash couched
  • woolen yarn twisted really tightly, then sewn down
and that is as far as I have got.  Now it can be my sampler for the challenge - bring on tuesday!


  1. Interesting about the baby wipes and the paint, because I use them to remove acrylic paint while its still wet, and it can give a lovely distressed look, as long as that is what you are after, lol! It obviously does not have the same effect on watercolour or poster paint, or whatever is in those paints - they are fun to use, and some of the brushes are different sizes too!


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