Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's play and go shopping

Today's ATC is a mixed media one
On  an ATC mattboard, scribbled markers (textas), black shoe polish, glitter. enamel square, spiral paper clips, cardboard letters (and tacky glue of course).
and all I've got to blog about is a bit of shopping!
I am the dollar store queen, when it come to supplies.
some pealy brads.  I love brads.
some light wooden circles, which might make a good stamp and embellishment.
some stick on gems, which I of course wanted yesterday for my ATC, so had to do something different
Some great foam stamps, I love butterflies, don't we all?
Some felt sheets, for 69 cents!
leather scraps - a great find!
lots of great stickers with text, pictures, sayings etc.
some great papers.
Greaseproof paper, which is just like craft tissue and which I use in fabric papers and tissue collage. And contact film, clear book covering, which is great for tape transfers and means you are not limited to the width of tape.
some pebbles, which I have been wanting for a while
And last of all, some cheap kid's paint brushes, which you can refill with whatever you want, then squeeze to paint, useful for painting big areas, and for coating pages with PVA.

So, although I haven't got any work to show today, I have done a bit of preparation and since it is my birthday tomorrow, I don't feel too guilty, lol

Don't forget to spoil yourself!


  1. I almost used a spiral clip in my ATC yesterday! What great finds! I am wondering what will become of those pebbles....

  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow! I wish you lots of art and crafty goodness, and fun with your new supplies!
    Cheers, Caroline

  3. thanks caroline, and the pebbles, well I want to sew with them of course! lol


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