Monday, January 30, 2012

precious and not so precious

today's ATC has some working parts!
This one is simply scrapbook paper on a playing card with stickers and flaps.  The question is what is precious?
 I suppose choosing the correct answer depends on who you are!

And now, I will show you what I have been working on all these weeks.  I submitted this piece for an exhibition, but it wasn't accepted.  It was my first try, so I will live with it and I was not happy with it myself - we live and learn.
On the flip side, not being chosen means I can put it in our little show here in march.
anyway, here it is
It has a poem free machined on the background, freeform piecing and beading, and six small thread paintings.
here is the first one, some rugged mountain ranges
this one is of a jewel sea (the 12 apostles, near lorne, vic)
cooktown orchids in the treetops
Some ferns

A cross section of an opal
My brown country (King's Canyon, NT.)


Remember failures are what drives creativity.  They create space for learning and problem solving.


  1. Remember failures are what drives creativity. They create space for learning and problem solving.

    So they do! I call them "experimental pieces." (Sounds so much better than "failure," doesn't? :-)

    Seriously, Alexander Graham Bell had it right: It's as important to find out what doesn't work as what does. (Though, personally, I like the piece you submitted. Maybe it just wasn't right for that show or that set of judges.)

  2. Their loss! I love your pieces, but sometimes experimental is simply too much and scares the more traditionally minded. Despite the growing number of people actually doing it, mixed media textiles and arts are still very cutting edge here, and not always considered proper craft, art, or whatever it is they think we are doing.
    Its our gain and we get to enjoy it and appreciate the work thats gone into it, and the steps you have taken to make it. It just might take a bit longer to convert the judges to our way of thinking!

  3. Well, I think it is a winner. I admire your stiff upper lip and willingness to see this as a another step in your creative journey.

  4. What a wonderfully creative piece Vicki. I like it! What does the poem say in the background? Yes sometimes it take the judges a little bit longer to step outside the box.

  5. I think this piece is actually conservative in this case, which is probably one reason why it was not selected and you must remember what a talented lot we are down here in Aus and I'm sure the pieces selected deserved it

  6. It’s beautiful Vicki! I hope you will be happy with this piece!

    I never understand choised made by judges...

  7. So what in the hell WAS accepted...... ????? Not accepted??? where are those creativity police?? Not to 'win' is one thing but not accepted!!


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