Monday, January 9, 2012

foil flower and instant gratification

This ATC is a bit monochromatic - just silver foil, brads, marker (of course the foil is not really silver, just the colour, lol)  My first go at using thick foil.

sometimes, especially now, when I am working on a few large projects, I get the need for a bit of instant gratification.  Yesterday I needed to finish something - right away.
So I did a quick fused collage based on Linda Kemshall's "Pieced Landscape" on DMTV.
Here is my quick sketch (see, my sketchbook does not only have works of art in it, lol.)
Fabric fused on the backing paper.  I use Frieda Anderson's method of drawing the pattern on the parchment paper, (I use a wax crayon), ironing the fabric on, pulling it of an cutting out using the lines which transfer to the back of the fabric.  By the way, she has been presenting a great series on art elements and principle in the last week or so)
The whole piece, arranged, fused together, peeled of and fused onto some interfacing and batting and then quilted
A close up of my simple quilting
I used the pattern in the sun as a guide for some swirls.
Here is the little bit of free motion grass added at the bottom right and the ribbon I decided to bind it with
And the finished instant gratification - not quite instant, took about three hours, but finished.
Like Linda, I have decided the contrast is not good enough between the grass and the background, so I will add some beads and hand embroidery to bling it up, so a bit more to do tonight.

This might come in handt for a landscape class I have been asked to do in a little while.   Easy for beginners. and easy to create lots of different landscapes.

Happy creating!


  1. Oh My! That was quick! Love the way you put the landscape together. I can see some embroidered small trees on the horizon.

  2. Love your little landscape! And your ATC is very cool. I have not used metal before.

  3. Your quilting sure added that wonderful third dimension making your landscape really pop!


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