Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tick tock time's passing...

today's ATc is a simple card about time.
clock pictures, letter stickers, scrapbooking paper on a playing card. 
Brigitte, I store my ATCs in a very large folder with trading card pockets made out of tape and plastic.  And, yes, Janet, they are slightly curved and when put together create huge interlocking rings.
Thanks, everyone for looking in.  I do appreciate it.
Unfortunately, nothing to show today as I have a very sore back and didn't get to the list I had for today, but Tony did pull some electrical components apart for me and I will show you my little treasures for mixed media when I am a bit better.


  1. Hope that back gets better soon...

  2. Oh dear! Hope you are feeling better soon! Great ATC!!!

  3. Hope your back is better soon Vicki. I enjoy seeing your art!


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